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[BLANK_AUDIO] All right, solve the equation. Bomb movie about black girl magic plus a stellar performance by Taraji P Henson should equal an Oscar nom, right? Wrong, as I mentioned in today's hot list, despite Taraji doing her thing in Hidden Figures, she was overlooked for an Oscar nomination. All right panelists, what are your thoughts, did the Oscars get it right Slayed Or Shade 1-2-3. Shade, Shade oh-oh we have our first all Shade of the 2017. Scotty talk to me why were upset about that shade? Well it was shady. I think it was shady but I also feel like [BLANK_AUDIO] I don't think she was, she deserved. it. Okay. I mean, I've seen all the movies. No, no. It's fair enough. Fair enough, okay. I've seen all the movies. I've seen them all. I love hidden figured. But I I just felt like out of the nominations that I did see, it was she could have. It was good, it was a good movie. It doesn't take away from the film [UNKNOWN] in that opinion. Right, but it was good. I just, eh. Okay. Pediya? I think it was [UNKNOWN] because it's just one of those things. There's so many Black people getting awards. It was just like, all right We can't give them all. So somebody gonna have to take his hair. You know what, she know how to take it and be supportive. They knew she wasn't gonna flip over no table, start no fight. They were like, she can take that. She had a nomination before so Benjamin Button. She should have won that. That she should have done. That was gonna be my point. I mean the movie is Epic. It's a great movie. I don't think that that particular role was the role to win. Right. But I would have just enjoyed seeing another speech. Because she give you your life when you get that speech. You be like, you feel that, and your spirits are going two, three more days after you hear that. You know what I mean? That's what I wanna do. Before. Personal reasons. [UNKNOWN] definitely a [UNKNOWN] crush over here. You got a definite crush. Kayla, what are the folks saying about the Oscar noms on Facebook? Hey y'all. So the votes are coming in and no son, all shade. So Tommy says, she was snubbed. Theresa Beauchamp says, we aren't always going to get the awards. That's why we create our own award shows Victoria Warner says yes, she made me believe that story. So shade, shade, shade coming down. Nothing but the shade. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Once again, Taraji P. Henson rocks a hairstyle we’re completely in love with. Fresh off a whirlwind awards season and another season of Empire, the talented actress was recently spotted out and about in a golden brown high fade with tapered sides.


Taraji initially debuted the short cut over Memorial Day weekend, and it looks like the style is sticking. Her badass cut may be inspired by her character in the upcoming film Proud Mary, set for a 2018 release.

We’re used to seeing loose tresses with varying lengths and colors for the star, but this short cut is her most daring to date.

What makes it even more stunning is how effortlessly cool she makes it, pairing the fresh cut with bold pink shades and a colorful oversized bag.

As things heat up this summer, we’re sure more stars like Taraji will be opting to ditch their heavy hair in favor of tapered cuts and fades. See the biggest A-list transformations of 2017 (so far) here. 

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