Shhh! This Secret Ingredient Will Give You Cleaner Hair

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Jennifer Ford Aug, 14, 2018

When wash day rolls around, cleansers that lift only odor and greasy film just don’t cut it. With a week of buildup trapped in our hair follicles, we often require something that’s going to give our scalp a full-on revival. A shampoo with detoxifiers like apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil are great options. But for squeaky-clean tresses, we recommend a cleanser that contains our personal favorite, charcoal.

No, not the sooty stuff that’s underneath the grill. We’re talking about the purer version that’s a godsend for those with dirty hair and oily skin. Activated charcoal has microfine holes that can absorb up to 200 times its weight in impurities. Here we’ve rounded up nine of the best activated charcoal shampoos just for you.

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Less product is more when you have fine hair. We love this hair wash, which is made with natural ingredients like char essence that won’t weigh down your roots.

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Infused with calming castor and olive oils, it will help remove irritants and restore balance when your scalp’s feeling congested.

available at Sally Beauty $9 Buy

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We don't like to hear no, but when it’s used in reference to parabens, silicone, gluten, dyes or mineral oils, the word is like music to our ears. We can’t stop singing this color-safe cleanser’s praises. It's loaded with natural ingredients and has notes of lavender, citrus and cocoa.

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You don't have dish out a lot of money to get grade A clean hair. This affordable shampoo—which contains coconut shell–derived charcoal and lemon and grapefruit oils—gets the job done nicely.

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It's gentle enough for using on sensitive scalps with conditions like psoriasis and eczema yet tough enough for removing bacteria and greasy gunk.

available at Sally Beauty $9 Buy

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If you have chemically treated locks, you’re probably picky when it comes to your cleanser. You can rest assured that this one with vegetable protein will get rid of product buildup and impurities without causing dryness.

available at Sephora $26 Buy

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When you douse your roots in this white charcoal shampoo, you'll score a scalp trifecta. Not only does the cleanser remove dead skin cells with microexfoliators, but it also hydrates and soothes an itchy head.

available at Sephora $42 Buy

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Not only will you love the way this paraben-free product thoroughly cleans your strands, you’ll also fall head over heels for its calming lavender and sandalwood scent.

available at Apotheke Co. $24 Buy

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New to our roster, this shampoo delivers freshness, and its green coconut intensely moisturizes the locks.

available at Ulta $10 Buy


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