What to Consider When Cutting Your Hair in the New Year
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Hair represents femininity and beauty, so it’s no surprise that cutting it can be very emotional. More often than not, chopping it off represents change and growth—a journey into a new season. We caught up with celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Meadows, who was recently crowned an influencer to the Paul Mitchell Insiders program. She also participated in the Bronner Brother Hair Battle and is the founder of A’Bliss Studio in Florida. Here, she explains exactly what to consider before your big cut.

ESSENCE.com: What should you consider when cutting your hair?
Cynthia Meadows: Choosing the right haircut based on your face shape and body structure can help you avoid drawing attention to the wrong aspects of your face, or minimize your negative attributes while emphasizing your beauty. Determining your hair texture is imperative when considering the right choice for your texture. With curly/coiling textured hair, shrinkage will occur, and fine hair will lack volume. Body and medium/coarse hair will need weight distribution by using razors or slicing techniques to take away the weight in the hair. The amount of time you can spend on your hair is very important before deciding on a certain haircut.

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ESSENCE.com: How exactly do you determine what type of cut works for you? Is there anything to avoid?
Meadows: A great haircut always begins with a consultation. A consultation is a conversation between you and a professional hairstylist where they analyze your facial shape/body structure, your lifestyle for frequent salon visits, and personality to determine the most suitable haircut that fits you. Hair is an emotional factor for any woman that will result in an instant reaction in any emotional or stress situation; this is why a consult is needed prior to making a decision. Always avoid cuts that don’t complement your facial shape.

ESSENCE.com: What hair tips should we consider before cutting your hair?
Meadows: Many women are leaving their relaxed mane and going natural this season. The biggest problem most woman face with their natural texture is defining their curl pattern or lack of moisture. Use sulfate free products infused with natural ingredients, to maintain or define your coil/curls and quench your natural mane with moisture.

Also, the most important key to healthy hair is moisture! Because of the structure of our hair, it tends to become dry easily. Dry hair lacks elasticity, and therefore is brittle and prone to breakage. Getting your hair on a bi-weekly schedule for conditioning treatments will help restore your hair’s strength and it also contributes to moisture retention. Everyday your hair loses vital protein that it needs. Conditioner helps to fill in those missing gaps and can aid in alleviating breakage and dryness.

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