Straight Talk: Hairlicious Inc. Says Despite What Most Think, Relaxed Hair Has Tons of Versatility
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When you think about relaxed hair, the first definition that comes to mind is ‘chemically processed hair that’s predominantly worn straight.’ Relaxed hair is typically perceived as hair that is worn bone straight with the assistance of a flat iron or blow dryer. I must admit, prior to my hair journey, I only new three styles: a ponytail or bun, or straight down. That was it! Yes, relaxed hair is chemically processed to be straight; however, many do not know the flexibility relaxed hair possesses.

As a relaxed haired woman, I’ve discovered that relaxed hair is much more versatile than people portray it to be. It can be styled in high or low buns, braid-outs, twist-outs, flexi rods, and even Bantu knots. What I love most is that these chic styles are suitable for any occasion, and require very little manipulation and no heat.

I’ve achieved deep waves with a braid out, bouncy curls with a flexi-rod, and spirals with the use of flexirods, just like natural haired ladies. These popular styles are healthy for my hair, too. Relaxed hair is versatile and shouldn’t be limited in terms of styling. So, the next time someone says relaxed hair is boring—don’t believe the hype. Straight hair is not our only option!

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