Straight Talk: Hairlicious Inc. Explains Why She Doesn’t Frequent Salons
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Years ago, I would find myself at the salon every other Saturday morning getting a wash and set or every 8 weeks getting a fresh relaxer. Back then; the salon was my refuge. My stylist was my hair doctor and I gave her full control. Once I became more knowledgeable about relaxed hair and how to properly care for it, I started to care for my hair in the convenience of my own home. First, I had to reprogram my thinking and understand that it’s okay to wash and deep condition my hair at home. For years, I left my hair in the hands of someone else because, in my mind, it was a taboo to wash my own hair. It was so foreign to me when my friends told me that they washed and conditioned their hair at home, I looked at them like they had 5 heads! Sad to say, prior to my hair journey, my mind was filled with the typical hair care myths regarding black hair. RELATED: Hairlicious Inc. On Combatting Frizzy, Relaxed Hair In hindsight, I had no knowledge or control over my hair. I never took the time to understand my hair’s needs and wants, I never knew I could wash it and condition it at home. But once I took matters into my own hands I was able to grow healthy hair. In fact, it’s quite liberating! Now that I have a greater understanding of my hair, I perform 90% of all my hair care needs right in the comfort of my home i.e. wash, deep condition, relaxer, etc. Not only have I saved a lot of money going this route, I now have a certain level of confidence when handling my hair because of the hair care knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years. I actually find it harder and harder to find stylists that understand and encourage my healthy hair care practices. I’ve learned to carefully detangle my hair from the ends up, use wide tooth-combs at all times, relax only the new growth, pass the flat iron through my hair once, instead of 4-5 times to get it straight. Don’t get me wrong; salons will forever have my support. Sometimes it’s fun to pamper yourself and have someone else do your hair. However, implementing these simple yet crucial practices have helped to improve the health of my hair dramatically. How often do you visit the salon? Has your salon attendance decreased since you’ve been on your hair journey? Valerie Bremang founded Social Network in 2008 as a platform to educate, inform and encourage women that they can achieve healthy hair.

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