Throughout my relaxed hair journey I’ve learned that deep conditioning is an essential part of my regimen, and it’s especially beneficial when paired with a heat source. A heat source appliance is a tool used to enhance the conditioning effects; most common forms are steamers, heating caps and dryers.

Using heat while deep conditioning allows your hair cuticles to open and it forces the conditioner to enter the hair shaft and penetrate deep within the cortex. It also increases the penetration of the conditioner and as a result it improves the overall health of your hair. When I use heat sources my hair feels and looks softer, smoother, and more manageable. My advice is to leave the conditioner on for 10-20 minutes while under a dryer because the conditioner will work deep into the cortex to provide nutrients.

More recently, I’ve been deep conditioning my hair for 30-45 minutes with a steamer on a weekly basis. The warm vapors help to swell my cuticles allowing for even deeper penetration. As an added conditioning bonus, I rinse out my deep conditioner with cool/lukewarm water. The cool water helps to close the hair cuticles and impart shine and smoothness to the hair.

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