The Only Edge Gel You’ll Ever Need For Unruly Edges
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Every beauty girl knows that having laid, sleek and smooth edges is all you every need. So when you find an edge gel that tames your hairs without drying out your hair or leaving flakes, you’ve pretty much found the answer to all the world’s ills.

This month, the innovators at Mielle Organics, launched a flexible hold formula that’s non-flaky, non-gummy, and ideal for straight or natural hair. The formula features certified organic ingredients like lavender wax and rice bran wax for natural results that health promote healthy hair growth. And, it’s even laced with certified organic honey and ginger with is great for promoting hair growth.

Mielle Organics

Initially when I tried the edge gel I wasn’t too found of it. I’m not one to use gels on my edges—honestly, it can be the perfect storm for flakes and buildup—so I wasn’t super excited to try it. But, I soon realized the honey in the tamer acts as a natural softener, so it softens rough edges and makes them feel baby smooth. Also, the honey serves as a natural antioxidant, so it makes your scalp healthy and stimulates hair growth. I was immediately sold!

I smoothed the product on my freshly washed hair (with a soft-bristled toothbrush) and hours later I could still feel the hold. I was satisfied.Try it and let us know what you like in the comments below!

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