I know what you’re thinking: At-home relaxer kits are for amateurs, especially kitchen-beauticians who think they know it all. But, in all honesty, applying relaxers is about technique and having the proper tools to get the job done, no matter where you are.

I’m personally a Mizani relaxer-type of girl, but when this came across my desk, I figured I’d give it a try. Besides, Dr. Miracles has been in business for a little over 10 years, so clearly they would get it right, no?

To my surprise, Dr. Miracle’s isn’t the same brand I remember from my college days. They’ve revamped their collection (yes the tingle is still there), and the Miracle Renewal relaxer kit is a winner. Unlike most relaxing systems, this baby has a reconstructor solution to actually infuse hair with moisture and repair damaged areas. I applied the regular strength relaxer for 15-16 minutes, neutralized it with a shampoo for 4 washes, applied the reconstructor and masque followed by the miracle shine solution to get optimum results. Afterwards my hair felt soft and not the rough, gritty feel you get from most [insert popular at-home brand] relaxers.

To have a successful experience you’ll want to forget what your bestie said: You won’t get better results by leaving on the relaxer for more than 20 minutes. Overlapping is never a good look! Believe me, set a timer and follow directions.

The best part is that the entire set is only $10.99 a pop. It’s not available until July, but we’re certain you won’t have to save up for this wonder-kit. Enjoy!