Woman Involved In L’Oreal Lawsuit Shares Photos Of Devastating Hair Damage
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One woman involved in L’Oréal’s $5 million dollar class action lawsuit, where defendants claim that the beauty brand’s Soft Sheen-Carson’s Optimum Amla Legend relaxer caused severe damage, has resurfaced with a few telling pictures.

Let’s just say the proof is really in the pudding.

Last month, several women came forward, claiming the creamy concoction left them with “burning on their scalp and developed bald spots,” despite the company’s promise to deliver safe and effective products. In an effort to further prove her case, Delicia Taylor has bravely shared photos of her hair (or lack thereof) since going through the perm ordeal. 


As you can see, it’s devastatingly obvious that the no-lye concoction truly left this woman bald. The pictures reveal damaged and thinning hair, in addition to bald spots that serves as a reminder to tread lightly when chemically processing your tresses. 


According to The YBF, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos is acting as defense attorney for the pending case, which L’Oreal has yet to publicly address. You can see more before and after photos here.  

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