L.C.O vs L.O.C: Which Moisturizing Method Is Better For Relaxed Hair?
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We all know that locking moisture into the hair is crucial to retaining length and, of course, keeping your hair hydrated in the winter months can seem like an endless battle! Though the L.O.C and L.C.O method is commonly used in the natural hair care community, relaxed ladies can benefit from it too.

L.O.C is the acronym for the order of product application applied to the hair liquid, oil and cream; L.C.O is the acronym for liquid, cream, and oil. Both of these methods are designed to lock in moisture due to its layering process! Water is the ultimate moisturizer, oil creates a thin layer over the hair increasing lubrication and preventing moisture-loss, and the cream provides a thicker layer aiding in extra hydration, softness and ensuring no moisture is lost.

There’s been a great debate as to which process works better for relaxed hair, but I love the L.C.O method for my hair. L.O.C method works great for naturals who use a curl enhancing cream, as the last step, to make their curls pop! My relaxed hair responds positively when I apply moisturizing cream products before the oil. By using oil as the last step, it creates a barrier by sealing the two layers of moisture into my strands. This way, each layer seals the previous layer. By now you’re probably thinking, “wouldn’t my hair get weighed down from the oil and cream?” Not necessarily. A little product goes a long way. Besides, you’re hair will be so moist that you won’t have to L.O.C or L.C.O daily. Overall, both methods are extremely beneficial and will have you saying ‘goodbye’ to your struggles with moisture retention in no time.

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Which do you prefer? L.O.C method or L.C.O method?