How To Protect Relaxed Hair in The Shower
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So you just flat ironed your hair and you’re about to take a shower. What do you do? No need to panic! If I want to preserve a style, right after I flat iron, I protect my hair by wrapping it, starting from the crown gradually gathering all of my hair into the wrap in a clock-wise motion. I smooth it over with a 100% Boar bristle brush to ensure it stays tight and secure. I grab my satin scarf to tie my wrap down. Lastly, I cover my head with a plastic shower cap to prevent water from penetrating.

Wrapping your hair under the satin scarf before applying a shower cap provides double protection against frizz and your hairstyle becoming a complete fail! Wrapping my hair firmly ensures the hairstyle will remain straight with body. However, this alone is not enough! The shower cap provides another layer of protection, without it, water or the steam from the water could hit my hair causing reversion and frizz. If I’m trying to preserve a twist-out, curls, or a braid-out, while taking a shower, I like to use a claw hair clip to grab all my hair on top of my head. I then cover the majority of my head with a satin scarf to prevent water from splashing on my hair. With volumous styles, shower caps are usually not big enough to secure all of my hair.

Bonnets aren’t much different; depending on your hair length, stuffing all of your gorgeous curls into a bonnet may do more harm than good. In that case, I usually adjust the showerhead, at a lower level, re-directing the water from hitting my hair. Adjusting the temperature of the water, so it’s not so steamy, helps tremendously! In between my hair washdays, I don’t use anything! I just clip my hair up and go. If a little water touches my hair, I welcome it. Water is our best friend!