Do You Share Your Hair Growth Secrets?
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When I began my hair journey, I sifted through tons of online information regarding healthy hair care for tons of hour. However, I was enlightened by the variety of women, with healthy hair, who openly disclosed their “Holy Grail” hair tips, products and secrets. I couldn’t get enough and I learned something new in every search.

In the back of my mind, I always asked myself, ‘if these women didn’t reveal their healthy hair knowledge, what state would my hair be in?’ Would I have been inspired and motivated to attain healthy hair? Probably not!

Some women withhold information to deter others from jumping on “their” bandwagon to achieve healthier hair—but I don’t agree. We need to re-evaluate how our hair secrets and tips can change someone’s life for the better.

I believe hair growth secrets should be passed on. I find it liberating and humbling to assist other ladies in achieving their healthy hair goals. The genuine need to help others and share information is the foundation that created the healthy hair care community. The transparency you share with others can become inspirational encouraging others to reveal hair tips that have improved their hair. I believe that there is no scarcity in the ways you can achieve healthier hair.

Do you share your hair growth secrets? Why or why not?