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Can Protein Increase the Thickness of Your Hair?

Are protein treatments as helpful as they claim to be?
Can Protein Increase the Thickness of Your Hair?
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In the beginning of my hair journey, I was on that “I’m afraid of protein, I’m ONLY using a moisturizing deep conditioner” tip! Although my hair really improved with the added moisture, within months I noticed that my hair slowly began to wither away. It became thinner, mushy and limp! My hair was overly moist with wispy ends. Something had to change!

Of course I had to trim my thin ends and start over; however, I introduced weekly doses of protein treatments into my regimen – I never looked back since! Within months my hair transformed from thin, mushy, see-through ends to fuller, thicker, stronger relaxed hair. I knew protein was the main reason!

According to The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care, protein treatments rebuild the cuticle layer of the hair shaft by filling in areas of weakness along the hair strand. Protein treatments help in repairing weak spots in the hair cuticle. I love how protein strengthens and fortifies my hair giving it a fuller appearance. It’s a staple for me!

The way I see it, our hair is mostly protein and there is nothing else that bonds to the hair like protein! I’ve learned that protein treatments, combined with heat, cause the hair to swell in diameter thus increasing the thickness of the hair strand.

My weekly protein treatments help to maintain the health of my hair ensuring that it remains balanced, thick and strong. How often do you deep condition with protein? What differences have you noticed in your hair when using protein treatments?