Ask The Experts: Best Ways To Minimize Hair Breakage

August is national hair loss month and celebrate we chatted with Dr. Hair, otherwise known as Reginald Mitchell who is a celebrity hairstylist for ORS(previously Organic Root Stimulator) Nature’s Secret Tour, to give us a few tips on minimizing breakage.

His number one tip: “Hair breakage is usually caused by negligence and abuse,” he says. “Sometimes choosing the incorrect chemical or using chemicals on unhealthy hair can be a culprit as well. Just like a new born baby, the hair needs a little TLC and regimen of cleansing and conditioning.”

We couldn’t agree more. Read on to learn how you can keep your hair from breaking and be sure to join ORS for their mobile bus tour around the country offering free makeovers, hair consultations and product giveaways.

Deena Campbell Aug, 12, 2014