We’re Loving Queen Naija’s Retro Hairstyles In ‘Pack Lite’
John Lamparski/Getty Images

On Friday, Queen Naija released the video for her single “Pack Lite.” We expected nothing short of dope for the catchy tune that samples Erykah Badu’s iconic “Bag lady,” and the queen did not disappoint. Tapping the directorial skills of Teyona Taylor, aka Spike Tey, she gave us a fun and romantic love story. But most notable was the 1960s Atlanta setting, which brought vintage fashion and throwback beauty trends.

Queen Naija dons a variety of hairstyles from the decade, including the flip, which has been making its way back onto runways and red carpets recently. We also love the pinned up rollers look that was only worn as preparation for curls back in the ’60s (and was covered with a headscarf when ladies went out in public), but has become a look in itself today. And her final look, which included the bouncy Old Hollywood Coke can curls, was both gorgeous and looked like it required tons of hairspray to stay in place.

As new eras bring new looks—in 2020 the natural hair movement forges forward—it’s always enjoyable to look back at the different hairdos that were once trendy and meaningful in our community. And it gives us inspiration for styles to try with our silk pressed tresses, unprocessed curls, kinks and coils today.

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