Puffballs Are The Latest Protective Style Taking Over The Internet

Jennifer Ford Jul, 18, 2018

If you thought protective styles couldn’t get any cooler, think again. Puffballs are the latest hair trend taking over the internet, and it turns out they’re a great way to style voluminous hair. In fact, the bigger the hair, the better.

With the dog days of summer ahead, there’s no better time than now to try the humidity friendly hairstyle. No, this isn’t a cue to pull your strands into an uninspiring pouf atop of your head, it’s an opportunity to get creative.

Whether you add them to your plaits or ponytail, there’s no wrong way to rock them. If you want to try a protective style that doesn’t cause tension and requires minimal maintenance even when it’s humid out, then consider this easy hairdo. For unique ways to rock your puffs, check out these incredible looks we spotted on Instagram.

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We love this braided updo and waist-grazing puffball ponytail.

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For a sleek updo, use a pomade to smooth your hair into a ponytail. Complete the look by adding four sections along the ponytail with gold hair cuffs.

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If you have thick hair, parting your hair down the center to form these pigtails will alleviate the feeling of a weighty ponytail and sticky hair at the nape of your neck.

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We bet you’ve never seen fishtail braids or a mohawk quite like this.

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Play up your protective style by adding accessories in different shapes and sizes. Use barrette balls (yup they're making a come back) instead of rubber bands to create these gorgeous puffs.

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Already have locs? Then you can also copy this look and set it off with cool cowrie shells.

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Give your Fulani braids a fresh take with these super cute puffballs and embellished hair ties.

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To copy the updo, brush your hair into a topknot. Next, secure two packs of braiding hair around the topknot to create a ponytail. Finally, create seven sections along the ponytail using elastic bands. For volume, tease out each section with your fingers.

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To create the ultimate Mohawk, gather your hair into the center of your head. Use rubber bands to divide hair into four sections, while feeding each section into the next. For volume, use your fingers to tease out each section.

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Take your plaits up a notch by sectioning them off with cool hair embellishments like these gold hair cuffs. When you add multiple cuffs, you get small sections that can be teased out to form hair puffs.

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To achieve this look, part your hair horizontally into two sections. Then, cornrow the top half of your hair towards the middle of your head and gather the remaining hair into a ponytail. For length, consider adding hair extensions. Complete the look by sectioning the ponytail off using gold twine.


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