11 Pixie Cut Tutorials We Love

Beyonce's new haircut has ignited pixie fever!  While we loved Bey's long blond locks, her short style has inspired a new trend that is sure to take off for fall.  Whether you rock a pretty pixie or a funky mohawk, style your own hair at home with these must-see YouTube tutorials.

Nicole Marie Melton Aug, 14, 2013
"How To Make Short Hairstyle Wigs" by DollieCouture

DollieCouture makes her own 27 pieces wig and transforms from having a full fro to a chic short cut.

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"How I Care for And Style My Short Hair" by Ms876Beauty

Danielle Melissa from Ms876Beauty shares her own tips and tricks for maintaining her pretty pixie.

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"Short Hair 101: Prep, Style and #Werk" by PrettyGyrl83

PrettyGyrl83 shows off how she adds a few pieces in the front to achieve her signature short cut.  Get the scoop from start to finish, from wash to flat iron to style!

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"Pixie Haircut Routine" by Toi Box

Vlogger Toi Box shows how she styles her cropped cut and dishes on the products she uses to keep her tresses in tact.

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"Rihanna Inspired Haircut" by Tiarra Monet

This self-styled haircut by Tiarra Monet requires a little bit more bravery since you'll be cutting and layering your hair on your own.  With her pro advice and tips, you are just a few snips away from fabulous!

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"DIY Quick Weave Tutorial" by Eena Black

If you like the look of a 27 pieces wig but want a little more control of where you place the tracks, Eena Black shows how she created her pixie wig using a foam wig head.

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"Rihanna Short Cut Tutorial" by LaKeisha Michelle

If Rihanna is your celeb hair crush, you'll be happy to see this tutorial by LaKeisha Michelle on how you can recreate her signature style.  This video has all the nuts and bolts, from wash and set to style. 

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"Emeli Sande Inspired Short Hair Tutorial" by TheHaiRazor TV

This short and simple hairstyle demonstrated by TheHaiRazorTV can be achieved on a wide variety of short haircuts. 

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"How to Style Your Hair Like Halle Berry" by 401GiGi

If you're wondering exactly how to style your short cut and whether you should use a curling or flat iron, this video by 401Gigi breaks it down, step-by-step.

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"Short and Sassy Custom 27 Piece Wig" by Maria Antoinette

The stunning MariaAntoinette shows how she created a custom 27 piece pixie wig.  Ladies, this look is so easy to create and can be custom made just for you!

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"Keri Hilson Inspired Hair Tutorial" by MzOSoFabulousTV

Keri Hilson is a hair chameleon who loves to shake things up and if you're a fan of her two-toned pixie, you're sure to love this video by MzOSoFabulousTV.

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