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Why I Stopped Using Extremely Hot Water On My Natural Curls

There isn’t anything like a nice warm shower. It’s amazing, but using hot water too often has many not-so-cool effects.

I love hot water! No seriously, I really love it. To me, there isn’t anything like a nice warm shower. It’s amazing and something as simple as warm shower can take you to another place and relax your mood. However, I learned very quickly that using hot water too often on my hair had some not-so-cool effects. Hot water is great for removing excess dirt and product from your hair to scalp, but it can make your hair dry.

I remember using really hot water on my hair when I had a teeny weeny afro and I noticed my hair was always dry. Eventually I realized that the problem was a combination of not having a good regimen and excessive use of hot water. The hot water didn’t lock in any moisture.

Also, hot water also causes frizz. Yes, frizz! The hot water opens the cuticles on your strands, while cold water seals the hair cuticles locking in moisture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to use hot water; it is great when it is used sparingly. If you do prefer to use water that is on the hotter side for your hair, I suggest alternating the temperature while you are cleansing your hair and scalp. This will balance the temperature so that you do not have an extreme outcome when you are styling your hair.