Super Natural: MahoganyCurls Reveals What She Learned About The Curly Girl Method
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When I started my natural hair journey, I would be all over the place with my regimen. As a newbie, I did not understand how I should manage my natural hair. I would shampoo my hair excessively thinking that was the way to care for my curls. Unfortunately, doing this left me with an irritated scalp and extremely dry hair.

One day, I decided to do some research regarding caring for short natural hair and I ran across a thread on explaining the Curly Girl Method, also known as the CG Method. The more I found out about this styling regimen, the more I was intrigued. This method suggests avoiding silicones in hair products, because this can lead to build up on your hair and can also be very drying to your hair if you use shampoos containing silicones. It also suggests avoiding the use of styling tools such as combs and brushes; your fingers are the only tools needed for the CG Method. I purchased the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey and decided to give the CG method a try.

In the beginning of my journey using the CG Method, it felt unorthodox. Cleansing my hair and scalp with conditioner and not shampoo was abnormal to me. My regimen was extremely simple. I would co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair, apply my leave-in (a silicone-free conditioner), then proceed with finger detangling my hair with the conditioner, allowing my hair to air-dry for a “wash n’ go”. At the time, that was the only style I could do since I had short natural hair. At night, I would protect my hair with my satin bonnet to preserve moisture. That was it, simplicity at its best! A month later, I noticed my hair did not feel as dry and I was amazed at the results. I learned quickly that the CG method taught me that natural hair is very fragile and it does not require a lot of products to be used at one time. I have been following the CG method for 5 years now and feel that it is the best method for me. It makes me more disciplined when it comes to using certain products and it also makes me really aware of the types of ingredients that I am using in my hair. As always, you have to do your research and do what works for you. I have learned that trial and error is a very important part of my natural hair journey!

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