Super Natural: MahoganyCurls’ Explains How Social Media Affected Her Hair Journey
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The natural hair movement is huge right now. More women are ditching their relaxers and transitioning to natural hair than ever before. Celebrities are now showing off their natural curls and kinks with pride on the red carpet or out and about. And as a result, social media has had a huge impact on this movement, particularly for me. When I decided to do the big chop in 2009, I joined YouTube for the support from other naturals. Joining YouTube and other social media websites has helped me share my journey with others, and inspire people to eventually be natural. Social media has also allowed me to document my journey from the beginning to present day, and receive instant feedback from other naturals in real time.

Social media has also helped me with my healthy natural hair journey because it has been a support tool and it allows me to stay on track with my regimen. For instance, when I documented my experience with the Curly Girl Method in the beginning of my natural hair journey, I wanted to ensure that I was committed to it because I wanted to see positive results. Five years later, I’m still following this method and I know it’s mainly because of the social media feedback and documentation. I can also share my experiences with others on social media sites. Overall, I have learned that social media has impacted my healthy natural hair journey by providing a large community of supporters for others and myself. I feel that the online natural hair community is beautiful and it is a very important part of your natural hair journey because we can all learn from one another.

Do you share your hair journey on social media?

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