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Should Naturals Convince Others to Be Natural?

Just because having natural hair works for you, doesn't mean you should force it on others.

Going natural can be a big deal. It can also be one of the best decisions that you have made about your hair. The excitement after going natural can bring out a lot of emotions and it can also open the door for others to ask you about your natural hair journey.

Since natural hair is becoming mainstream a lot of people are curious about the natural hair process. I love to share my journey about natural hair with others if they are curious about. I ensure that I explain both the pros and cons to natural hair all while staying neutral. My goal is to enlighten others about natural hair and possibly serve as resource for natural hair. In the past, I noticed that explaining this process can sometimes ride the line of convincing others to go natural. In my opinion, I think it is perfectly fine to share your natural hair experience with others but only if they ask or have concerns about the natural hair process. Convincing others to go natural without their consideration could possibly come off as rude or preachy. In return this could make the person feel pressured into something that she is not comfortable doing.

On the other hand convincing others to go natural is great when the person is really considering going natural and would like some advice on natural hair. Sharing your natural hair experience is great but it is very important to advise the person to always do what works for them. I feel that if you stay neutral it will allow you to share you thoughts on natural hair without turning others off from considering to go natural.

We should always be respectful when it comes to someone’s decision regarding their hair whether they are natural or not. At the end of the day healthy hair is important relaxed or natural.

Do you convince your friends and family to wear their natural hair?