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Popular Natural Hair Vloggers Debut YouTube Webisodes

My Life Offline hits YouTube!

In 2013 producer Maureen Aladin thought it would be cool to film a live broadcast with hair vloggers discussing the backlash and controversy they received for a parody they did mocking the lack of patience women and men of color had to grow their hair naturally. The live broadcast was wildly successful and she soon realized the audience loved seeing them outside of their YouTube channels.

Now, three years later Aladin introduces a YouTube series, My Life Offline, featuring top natural hair vloggers Chime Edwards (HairCrush), MsVaughnTV (MsVaughnTV) and Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey (Beautifulbrwnbabydol).

“When my team and I chatted with these ladies, I had no doubt they would pop on screen, and that they would be a great representation for many of the women that the media does not display,” says Aladin. “Chime, Nina and Vaughn are all very smart, driven, talented, beautiful and entertaining women. While they have a lot of similarities, they are each very special in their own way.” The biggest draw for the new series is that it aims to change the landscape and perception of Black women. In a time when most reality TV shows depict women fighting and arguing with each other, My Life Offline strives for positivity, and true, #BlackGirlMagic.

“There are so many negative portrayals of multi-cultural women now, this was something I was excited about being apart of,” says Dr. Ellis-Hervey.

“Many people believe being a blogger or vlogger is incredibly easy but it definitely has its challenges,” says Edwards. “It’s more than taking great pictures or having fabulous hair for the camera. It is technical and hard work if one wants to be successful.”

Watch teaser below and be sure to tune into the first webisode February 2.