Natural Hair Tips for Expecting Mothers
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Having a baby is such an exciting moment. There will be many changes that your body will go through including your hair. For most expectant mothers, pregnancy brings out the best in their hair. Since your estrogen production increasing during pregnancy you may expexience a longer growth phase which can result in less shedding which will make your hair appear thicker and shinier than usual. Take advantage of this! Try wearing your hair out more. Twistouts, wash n gos, and braidouts will show off your beautiful curls. On the other hand, since your hormones have increased you may be very sensitive to products with strong perfumes. This is totally normal. Look for products that are unscented or products with a very light scent. This will allow you to still use your favorite conditioner or styler without getting rid of it. 

If you are really tired during your pregnancy, styling your hair is the last thing on your agenda list. Opt for protective styling. Doing this a great way to ensure that you hair is already styled on days when you do not feel like spending a great amount of time styling it. ALso, make sure you keep your hair moisturized and properly detangled throughout your styling process. Trimming your ends in the beginning of your pregnancy will also be ideal (if you haven’t done so already). Doing this will ensure that your hair is in its healthiest state before you deliver your baby.

Remember to have fun and congrats on your pregnancy!

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