Michelle Obama Wears Her Natural Hair In Public For First Time Ever

The former FLOTUS glows, no matter what state her hair is in!
Michelle Obama, known for her effortless poise, has finally decided to let her hair down…literally! Since resigning from their D.C. duties, the Obamas appear to be enjoying some downtime and the latest picture of Mrs. Obama rocking her natural hair in a curly ponytail only solidifies it.  
For years, Black women have grown to love Obama for her polished presentation, but longed for Obama to show her hair in its natural state. “…I remember wishing w all my heart, FLOTUS would walk out with her fro out,” said Twitter user Della Copeland in reaction to the picture surfacing. Although her longtime stylist Johnny Wright says our former FLOTUS has been “creamy crack” free for over 7 years, she’s opted to wear her hair mostly straight in the public eye. However, during a 2015 interview with The Root, Wright got natural hair enthusiasts excited when he shared that Obama could eventually go full on natural. “I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe on vacation she will…she is 100 percent natural now. It is a possibility.” Two years later, the natural hair community has gotten the picture they’ve been dreaming of! With a growing number of celebrities choosing to show off their natural hair textures in the last decade, Obama’s candid addition is well received. And this isn’t the first time a picture of a texture haired FLOTUS has surfaced. In 2012, a photoshopped picture of her with a curly fro began to circulate. The hair in the picture actually belonged to blogger Mae Tapp, who told XOJane, “For years, wearing a natural hair style has been seen by some people as not ‘professional’ or ‘elegant’ enough. With more women embracing and wearing their natural texture, many of these negative stereotypes are slowly being diminished.” She also told ESSENCE, “There have been so many positive responses to seeing Mrs. Obama go natural, so I hope it inspires her to try and wear more curly styles.” Looks like it worked! Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. It’s no secret that for years, Black women in the spotlight have opted to keep their hair laid and straight, often as a foot in the door to major gigs, so seeing a former First Lady rocking her hair in its natural state is definitely a big deal! And it seems Obama’s supporters are far more enthused about her tresses in their au natural state. Black twitter flooded timelines with sentiments of affection for Michelle’s natural mane and validated that the former FLOTUS glows no matter what state her hair is in!   TOPICS: