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Lessons On Using Hard Water on Natural Hair

Using hard water can bring on brittle, dry hair. 
Lessons On Using Hard Water on Natural Hair
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I recently moved to a new state and I absolutely love it; however, I noticed that my hair didn’t love the water. I quickly learned that I have hard water in my area. After finding out that I have hard water I decided to change my regimen so that my hair can remain soft. The first lesson that I learned from using hard water is to add a soft water shower filter to your shower head. You can purchase this from your local hardware store. The water softener will remove chlorine and other elements from your water. This will ensure that your products work better and of course it will leave you with softer hair. From my experience, it works and makes the styling process much easier. The second lesson that I have learned is the importance of cowashing. I am a huge fan of cowashing and now that I have hard water I see that avoiding cleansers, (even if the cleanser is a conditioning cleanser) will allow your scalp to produce more sebum and which will result in shiny moisturized hair. Instead of cowashing with a cleansing conditioner I have been cowashing with a very moisturizing conditioner or a deep conditioner.

My hair is responding to products better and it is much easier to detangle on wash day. I also learned to not cowash my hair all the time. Wetting my hair frequently, causes it to feel dry more often. I decided to go a few days without washing my hair. I am sure this has something to do with not over using the hard water. I still deep condition my hair once a week because I want ensure that my hair is extremely moisturized, but I don’t cowash it. Now that I have learned what is needed to prevent my hair from drying out due to hard water, wash days are much easier.

Is your water hard? If so, what are you doing to keep it healthy?