Lessons on Summer Hair Coloring
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I absolutely love seeing naturals with hair color. It is one of the best hair accessories in my opinion. Hair is color is fun, vibrant, and it is an inexpensive way to change your look. In the past, I have dyed my hair a lighter color during the summer so that I could change my appearance and mood. After coloring my hair I always felt better and I had more confidence. My husband enjoyed the color change too, which is a plus. I have learned a few things from coloring my hair.

The first thing that I have learned is dyeing healthy hair is very important. I do not color my hair much, and luckily I have never had any issues with damage hair. Since I used color I knew that I had to ensure that my hair was at its healthiest state. A month before coloring my hair, I use very heavy moisturizers and deep conditioners. Doing this allowed the health of my hair to improve.

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I have also learned that having the right tools to color your hair is important. Make sure you are prepared. Remember, your hair will be very dry if you do not use a deep conditioner on a consistent basis. One time I decided to color my hair and I skipped out on deep conditioning it for a couple of weeks. Doing this left my hair extremely dry and I knew that it was due to the dry summer climate and the use of peroxide from the hair color. I learned quickly that rinse out conditioners weren’t enough to build the moisture level up after recently coloring my hair. Deep conditioning your hair is definitely needed after this process. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson and I now know how to prep and maintain my hair color during the summer months.

If you are interested in coloring, I suggest conducting and extensive research on the process and contacting your local stylist to start the process.