Kiersey Clemons Shares How She Embraced Her Natural Hair
Getty Images
Embracing your curls can be quite a journey. Sometimes you love it, and other times you wish your hair looked like someone else’s. But, according to actress Kiersey Clemons, you can only embrace your hair when you truly love yourself and ignore comments from others. “For a while, I was so caught up in what people think of you as a black girl if you have certain hairstyles,” says Dope actress Kiersey Clemons in a recent interview with Style Blazer. “If you have braids or short hair or if you straighten it, people are going to make certain judgments about you. That’s not something I just put in my own head, it’s something I saw growing up as a kid.” Loving her curls didn’t come easy for Clemons. In fact, not only did it take time, but Clemons had to see other women owning their hair to see the beauty within herself. “[Embracing my natural hair] had to be bigger than me,” says the Dope actress. “I had to be like ‘f**k this s**t’ if I am going to be an actor, if I’m going to be given a platform, I can’t be afraid to be myself and do what I want to do.” At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence and taking a page from Kayne West’s book. “If you have the confidence and you rock it you’re going to sell it,” she says. “Kanye convinces us that he does no wrong because he feels that way. Just do whatever you want to do.”