Managing my natural hairstyles has become a huge task for me but I have found ways to work around it. One thing that I like to do is prep my hair the night before if I have a big meeting or event that I have to attend. Styling my hair prior the night before will allow it to dry completely leaving me with a hairstyle that is amazing.

I also like to give myself time to dry my hair before going out. Occasionally I will walk outdoors with wet hair (since it is longer now) but most of the time I make sure my hair is completely dry. I have also been experimenting with stylish protective styles such as pinned up dos and flat twists. I also ensure that I detangle my hair properly. I find doing this will allow my style to last longer during the week, which is ideal for my lifestyle. As I have stated before protecting your hair at night is also very important. We must learn that nighttime protection will also ensure that your hair will last during the week.

My regimen isn’t really complicated (at least I don’t think so!) but I do follow these tips to ensure that I have the best results possible.

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