How To Hack Your Styling Gel For Ultimate Laid Edges
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Hair gel will never go out of style. Whether you be permed or natural, L.A. Looks or Ampro Pro Styl have owned real estate on your vanity. It’s old faithful for sculpting curls, smoothing edges or tending to select beauty emergencies.

Over time, we’ve watched our options expand from drying alcohol based formulas to oil infused products that hold, but don’t leave locks crunchy and flaky. BeautyBox subscribers are already familiar with our personal favorite—the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges. If you don’t have the March 2016 box, you’re missing out! Argan oil is the miracle beauty ingredient because its components—vitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids—are all antioxidants and ideal for treating hair and skin. Because it’s blended with castor oil, this particular product actually holds down hair without creating crusty curls.

To the contrary, we also realize that not everyone is a fan of applying gel in the traditional sense. Click through and learn a slew of handy ways to utilize it beyond edge control. Your adventurous side will thank you.

Hack 1: If an alcohol-free formulation still doesn’t ease your mind, mix your “Perfect Edges” with a cream based serum or leave in conditioner. When applied to damp hair, curls take shape more efficiently and the smoothing effects of argan oil will eliminate frizz. For maximum results, incorporate into an overnight protective style.

Hack 2: Our everyday makeup look isn’t complete without brow gel, but like lip gloss, hair gel is an unexpected alternative. The smartest application method would be to draw on the brows as you normally would and seal by applying a small dollop of gel with your spoolie brush.

Hack 3: Layer your gel with a mousse for styles that requires ample hold. The trick is to avoid helmet head by ensuring it’s also alcohol-free. Crème of Nature’s Style & Shine Foaming Mousse is the perfect companion for Perfect Edges since both are infused with the same key ingredient: argan oil.

Hack 4: If you’ve styled the perfect ponytail minus a few flyaways, coat the bristles of a toothbrush in gel and brush them down without interrupting the entire style.

Hack 5: If you’re less than a week from removing box braids, but still want them to look presentable, run gel through them and cover with a head scarf overnight. It won’t make them look brand new, it does alleviate some of the frizzing that occurs when they’ve been installed for a long while.

Hack 6: Contrary to popular belief, gel isn’t just for kinky textured hair. If you have finer strands that are incapable of holding onto a bobby pin, try coating it in gel first. Be sure to let the gel sit for a few minutes before running through strands.

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