Is DIY the Best Method For Natural Hair?
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In the beginning of my natural hair journey I learned so much about trying new products that I felt that I began to run out of products to try. I started reading posts about naturals trying do-it-yourself products and I became interested in trying some myself. The idea of making your own products was fun, creative, and innovative. The excitement took over and I remember running to the grocery store for ingredients.

My first DIY product was an avocado masque because I knew it would make my hair soft, shiny, and extremely moisturized. After mixing a few ingredients, I quickly learned that creating the masque was super easy. I peeled and blended the avocado and added the honey after the avocado was properly blended. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so easy. I knew that I would be doing this again. When it was time for me to apply the mixture to my hair I didn’t have any issues. The problem came after I allowed the avocado to sit and it was time for me to rinse it out. It turns out I should have just used the meat of the avocado, not the entire thing. I had avocado pits stuck in my hair for days—it was a disaster! Rule number 1: Do your research before experimenting. There are so many videos online or websites that will give you the proper directions explaining how to properly create a DIY masque.

The most important lesson I’ve learned when DIYing, is to always make time for your DIY experiments. You do not want to rush it, and you do not want to have other things going on where you feel as if you have to rush the process. Other than that, I absolutely love DIY products for natural hair and I think that everyone should try it once. You can have a great time creating a product of your choice; it’s natural, fun, and inexpensive.

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