Can Heat Really Improve Length Retention?

Using heat depends on two things: how often you use it and the temperature setting. But did you know that heat can actually help you retain length? Here are four ways heat can help you get more hang time.

Chime Edwards Jan, 12, 2016

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Knots and tangles are created by wearing the hair in loose styles. This is common for those who have naturally kinky and curly hair. The hair easily wraps and loops around neighboring strands that can create one heck-of-a mess. Wearing your hair blown out occasionally will decrease the number of knots and tangles which can decrease the number of trims. Thus, saving you length.

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If your hair is already blown out or straightened, simply detangle it before washing. The detangling process will be a lot quicker as the comb will glide through the hair with ease since most of the knots and tangles have been eliminated.

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If you have really kinky or tightly coiled hair, you can easily break strands as you style. For some, it's almost inevitable. When your hair is blown out or straightened, it is easier to style the hair without strands popping or breaking.

It's okay to incorporate heat into your hair regimen but don't go crazy. Too much and you will have an adverse effect. Do you use heat to retain length?


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