Are You Wearing Hairstyles Too Long?
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Lately I have been very busy and I have the tendency to style my hair and keep it in the same style longer than a week. I have learned that wearing the same style is great if you’re on the go, but it can also cause hair problems if you do not care for it properly.

The first lesson that I have learned from wearing a hairstyle too long is I would get crazy tangles. If I go longer than a week with hairstyle—and I mean a loose hairstyle similar to a wash n go or twistout—my hair will be majorly matted. Sometimes it will get so bad that I have to saturate my hair with a ton of conditioner to ensure that I remove the tangles slowly without damaging my hair. Shedding is also a big deal when wearing a style for a long period of time.

Shedding is normal, it sheds about 100-150 strands a day; anything more than that is a problem. I have also learned that I am risking my hair for potential breakage. It is ideal to change your style every now and then, especially if you wear it in a certain position often. You do not want to put too much stress on one particular area of your hair.

Preserving your hairstyle is a great way to keep a look that you’re going for longer than a couple days. Overall I have learned it is best to moisturize your hair between the days you’re stretching your hairstyle.

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