13 Natural Hair Influencers You Should Be Following On Instagram

As these curl connoisseurs broadcast their natural hair journeys, they help make ours a lot less overwhelming.
Jennifer Ford Aug, 17, 2018

The natural hair community on Instagram has grown exponentially.

The hashtag alone generates more than 17 million posts dedicated to women with kinks, curls and coils. At the helm of this massive movement are the natural hair influencers who keep us abreast of the best products, tips and tricks for styling and managing textured tresses.

As these curl connoisseurs broadcast their natural hair journeys, they help make ours a lot less bewildering. Whether you’re someone who’s looking to boost your curl confidence or just looking to find a better way to work your strands, here are 12 natural hair influencers to follow for inspiration.

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This blogger’s Instagram feed is a one-stop shop for naturalistas. Whether you choose to wear your strands stretched, curled, blown out or braided, she’ll show you how to do it all!

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The road to natural hair can be scary, but this New York City–based mane guru reminds us that discovering your signature look can also be fun.

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Of all the natural hair patterns, 3C hair can be the toughest to manage. Don’t worry, this influencer shares great tips for maintaining the health and integrity of thick and fine strands.

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If you’re not already familiar with this tapered queen, then you need to give her a look. She’ll have your curls thriving and popping with her thorough product recommendations and start-to-finish tutorials.

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If your favorite hair blogger has a favorite blogger, then it’s probably this natural vet. The mom of two has been showing women how to keep their kinks and coils gorgeous and healthy for years.

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The Toronto-based hair maven can teach you a thing or two when it comes to styling and managing longer lengths.

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Women with 4C hair should definitely check out this DMV native’s page. On it, you'll find everything from beautiful braid-outs to textured topknots.

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Just as her name suggests, she helps women on their natural hair journeys remain cool, calm and curly with her informative Instagram posts.

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If you're not sure how to use the products naturalistas rave about, this New Jersey–based blogger will help you figure it out with her show and “tale” tutorials.

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The braid queen provides tons of protective-style options for women making the transition to natural hair.

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This licensed cosmetologist knows a lot about natural locks. On her Instagram page, you'll find hair care tips and styling methods for all tress types at every stage of growth.

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A compilation of this influencer's hair videos is the perfect playlist for your wash-day routine. Her tutorials are start-to-finish and include music that will put you in a great mood.

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Whether you're looking for tips on how to do a bomb twist out, sleek ponytail, or super-cute protective style, this Houston-based natural hair guru has got you covered.


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