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My Mane Moment: Logan Browning

The Netflix star speaks to ESSENCE about the twists and turns of her curly hair journey. 


The unpredictability of curly hair may bother some, but for Dear White People star Logan Browning, it’s what she loves most about her mane. 

“When I walk into a room, there is an essence that a curly girl brings and I like that I’m a part of that,” she says. 

Although her fictional counterpart (Samantha White) rarely deviates from a pompadour, Browning’s hair journey has a little more twists and turns. During a recent visit to the ESSENCE offices, she spoke candidly about her personal experience as a textured girl and what it means to represent brown girls on the small screen. 

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“It bothers me so much when people say, ‘I don’t see color,” she continued. “Why wouldn’t you want to see all of these beautiful shades of people? Maybe when you say you don’t see color, you’re saying you don’t limit yourself to judgements. I think you mean to say you see past it, maybe…But see my color. I love it. I love your’s.”

Watch Logan’s ‘Mane Moment’ above and get into her current beauty obsessions here


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