My Mane Moment: Logan Browning

The Netflix star speaks to ESSENCE about the twists and turns of her curly hair journey. 

Nikki Brown May, 25, 2017

The unpredictability of curly hair may bother some, but for Dear White People star Logan Browning, it’s what she loves most about her mane. 

“When I walk into a room, there is an essence that a curly girl brings and I like that I’m a part of that,” she says. 

Although her fictional counterpart (Samantha White) rarely deviates from a pompadour, Browning’s hair journey has a little more twists and turns. During a recent visit to the ESSENCE offices, she spoke candidly about her personal experience as a textured girl and what it means to represent brown girls on the small screen. 

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“It bothers me so much when people say, ‘I don’t see color,” she continued. “Why wouldn’t you want to see all of these beautiful shades of people? Maybe when you say you don’t see color, you’re saying you don’t limit yourself to judgements. I think you mean to say you see past it, maybe…But see my color. I love it. I love your’s.”

Watch Logan’s ‘Mane Moment’ above and get into her current beauty obsessions here

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When I walk into a room there is an essence that curly girl brings and I like them apart of that. [MUSIC] What I love most about my hair is it is 100% unpredictable. I can wake up in the morning and wash and dry it and by the end of the day it is in completely different shape. But I love that it's an extension of me. It's free, it's bouncy, it's fun. It can be sophisticated when it needs to be. It can be playful. And I like that my hair defines who I am. It's its own personality. Growing up I got relaxers so I didn't stop getting a relaxer until my freshman year of college. I wanted to see what my hair could do. I felt like That was a full expression of me that I hadn't explored yet. So I stopped getting relaxers, but I didn't truly see my curl pattern until I stopped straightening it. And that was kind of a wow moment. I had no idea how curly my hair was until I stopped doing both of those things, and saw my curls was popping. So many people around us are wearing our curly hair now. And I hope that you as a curly girl if you are feel represented, because I know how important that is to see images of yourself related i the media and in entertainment. Black is beautiful is amazing because we finally all get to understand that All colors are beautiful including black. For a long time, people who have medium to dark skin tones didn't always feel as beautiful and were made to feel inferior simply because they were a different color. And it's a nice change that we don't have to listen our systemic society's rules on And inferiority or superiority based on the color of your skin. And I love shades, it bothers me so much when people say I don't see color, I don't see color. Why would you not want to see all of these beautiful shades of people? Maybe when you say you don't see color, you mean you're not limiting yourself to judgments by peoples' colors, I think that's what you mean. You mean. I think you mean to say that you see past it, maybe? But, see my color. I love it. I love yours. Black is beautiful. [MUSIC]