25 Beautiful Black Women Rocking This Season's Most Popular Hairstyle

We're all privy to the benefits of rocking a protective style. In short: it tucks away natural strands, making it easier to promote growth and prevent damage. There are endless ways to take on a protective style, but as of late, we've seen one look skyrocket in popularity. Most commonly known as "goddess braids," cornrows, a style we've all grown up wearing, have been updated into a slew of chic variations. Be it the alternating size of each individual braid or the direction in which they're styled, our favorite Instagram beauties have breathed new life into one of the most enduring dos for black women. If you're ready to take on the most popular hairstyle for fall, get inspired by these beautiful hair chameleons. 

Nikki Brown Oct, 07, 2016

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Embrace the blonde bombshell life with your protective style. 

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Don't be afraid to wear different size braids. The more variety, the better! 

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Bejewel your braids for the ultimate goddess glow. 

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When it comes to your goddess braids, it's "go big or go home!" 

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If you're constantly on the go, braid your hair into a ponytail. 

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You'll be a standout with braided pigtails. 

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Sometimes, it's all about the smallest details with your braided do. 

8 of 25 @beleaux/instagram

Embrace fall-friendly tones, like this beautiful brown, for your protective style. 

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The longer, the better...right? Love these beautiful braids. 

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How perfect are these braids?! 

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Get creative with your parts in between each braid. 

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This look is textured perfection. 

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And she's got the smile to match. This hair color is perfect for fall! 

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We can't get over this vibrant hairstyle; perfection! 

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We love the detail in this braided style. 

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The intricate pattern in these braids is #hairgoals. 

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Hair accessories for the win. 

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