Mixed Chicks Is Expanding Line For Men: HIS MIX
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Mixed Up Clothing, Inc.

The natural hair movement has massively shaped the beauty market and research shows sales of styling products is on the rise with 35% from black hair care sales. Natural or curly hair products dominate the beauty isles in almost every store from Target to Walgreen’s and black women are reaching new heights in business with many of the brands. One popular brand is Mixed Chicks, a line created by two biracial women in 2004 who were tired of not finding products that catered to their individual coils, has been growing steadily and a favorite among women of several races. Wendi Levy and Kim Etheridge created a brand that takes all hair textures into account with their line for women, children, and men.

HIS MIX, created two years ago was created for men with curly, coily or frizzy hair and is growing as the newest products added are a Firm Hold Gel and HIS MIX Daily Conditioner. They accompany their HIS MIX Shampoo, HIS MIX Leave-in conditioner, and Replenishing oil. From cleansing to conditioning to styling, men have all they need to rock optimal coils and curls. With more men and boys showcasing their coils and curls, it is a reminder of just how significant our hair is in fashion today. 

Will you be getting some of those items for the men in your life?

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