We’re no strangers to incredible hair transformations, especially when it comes to wigs and weaves. We’ve seen celebrity stylists create near works of art, that have made us take a double (or even triple) take. So it takes quite a bit to make us say holy hair

However, when we recently came across a post from Philidelphia-based stylist Porscha Weeks we couldn’t believe our eyes. Known for her undetectable wigs and weaves, Weeks is an extremely talented stylist.

And while she’s usually showing off her client work, she recently gave us a look into her own hair journey that left us speechless.

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In a recent post, she shared a side-by-side photo of herself that shows her rocking one of her signature units on the left, and a beautiful bald head on the right. 

In her caption, Weeks explains that she applied the full lace front without any glue — she says she’s allergic. Securing a lace front wig, that looks totally natural, without glue or an adhesive is no easy feat. Hence, our astonishment.

Based on the comments left on the post, it looks like many of Weeks followers also couldn’t believe their eyes. Let us know, is this the first time you’ve seen a lace front applied without glue?