Stop Asking Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey To Touch Her Hair: ‘It’s Always Weird!’
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Jillian Hervey, better known as the lead singer of the music duo Lion Babe, loves being famous for embracing her naturally thick and curly hair. “It’s really exciting to be a voice for girls with curls,” said Hervey, who we announced in June was a new brand ambassador for Pantene, alongside Selena Gomez. But the 27-year-old daughter of actress Vanessa Williams does admit there is a downside to walking down the street with her au naturale, ultra-voluminous 

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“People ask [if they can touch my hair] thousands of times,” she told PeopleStyle, while celebrating the launch of Pantene’s new shampoos and active beauty equity at FlyWheel. “I think it’s always weird. I really don’t know when it’s not. It now makes me think, ‘What are dogs thinking?!’”

But Hervey wasn’t always a fan of her curls, and even stayed away from shampooing because she was afraid of dryness – that is, until she started using Pantene’s Pro-V Radiant Color Shine Shampoo. “It keeps my moisture in, which was my main issue with shampoo for a long time,” she told us. “When I was younger I used to think, ‘Oh, shampoo will dry your hair. You should condition always.’ But now it’s nice to know you can really clean your hair and condition it.”

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And since going natural with her hair, the star says it’s never looked better.

“Honestly, as soon as I really started taking care of it and just letting it do its own thing, my hair’s grown substantially. Just the thickness of it, the actual strands don’t break,” Hervey said. “And I probably am someone who does more to their hair than most people – but if I color my hair a little bit it’s not gonna break off and if I have braids or wigs, [my hair’s] always going to stay strong.”

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