Lil Mama Shows Off Her Natural Hair and We Live For It
loliputa/Getty Images

Another day, another celebrity showing off their natural hair. This time around, it’s Lil Mama. Early Thursday morning, the entertainer posted a picture on Instagram with her natural mane of full display.

While she typically opts to wear protective styles like weaves and wigs, Lil Mama decided to give it a break. “Natural mane, take care of what’s real,” she captioned the picture.

She also gave a bit of advice for the ladies who like her, wear weaves and wigs often. “Note to self: enjoy hair extensions color changes and textures while simultaneously prioritizing your natural hair to grow and be great,” she said. 

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Yasss! #LilMama showing off her natural tresses!!! Come through boo!! [SWIPE]

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By the looks of it, Lil Mama is truly taking care of her natural hair. We think she looks absolutely gorgeous however she choose to wear crown!