Kim Kimble Has Perfect Advice For Budding Beauty Bosses
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Kim Kimble’s trajectory as a world renowned hairstylist is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With over 20 years of experience and countless iconic mane moments to her name, including Beyonce’s many LEMONADE looks, it’s hard to believe that she also has time to star in a reality show. “I’ll never stop doing hair. I love it way too much,” the jet-setting boss tells ESSENCE. “That’s the beauty of L.A. Hair. I can still do what I love to do while I’m shooting it.” Now in its fifth season, the We TV staple is poised for a 2017 revamp, with new adventures and new cast members, including a member of Kimble’s family (surprise!). For her, the changes are just a natural part of growing and sustaining a successful brand–take note, budding entrepeneurs! “You have to be able to adapt well with others and adapt well in a business,” says Kimble when describing her ideal team member. “Then you have to be talented, you got to have creativity and innovation because they have to represent the brand…Good personality, great style because that’s what’s going to speak to the customer.” Kimble’s namesake hair care brand has been around for some time now, but like any other business woman, she hasn’t been immune from a misstep or two. “One of the things I’ll say is pushing yourself out there too fast before you’re ready is never a good thing,” she tells us. “I was pushed to go out into more retail before I was even ready for it.” For beauty bosses who are feeling pressured to move at a similar pace in 2017, she recommends taking the time to do “fewer things better.” “The hard part is of course, ‘now what do I crack down?’ I’m still going to be doing things, but we minimize what it is and we streamline it and create a focus … and that’s a challenge. But, I think that’s definitely going to help really propel.” And with a New Year in full swing, the hair pro also recommends the same type of focus on personal happiness, something busy women tend to forget while climbing the corporate ladder. “Sometimes, we get so consumed at work that we neglect our spirit. It shows on your face…I think, for me, my New Year’s resolution is to create more of that balance in my life because it is very work heavy,” she adds. With that being said, Kimble is full steam ahead with her first professional line, appropriately titled Kim Kimble Professional, a complimentary collection to the Kimble Beauty products we’ve grown to love. “What I’m most excited about was the silk vapor iron, which we infused with argan oil to spread lightweight oil onto the hair, which not only helps give it shine, but coats the hair.”   If conquering the red carpet, a TV series and launching a brand simultaneously are any indication, Kim Kimble’s balancing act shows no signs of slowing down. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. “You can use your celebrity for just fame or you can use it to help others,” she declares. “And for me, in order to be able to help people, I have to elevate my brand so that I can talk to people.” Be sure to catch the fifth season of L.A. Hair every Thursday at 9 p.m.EST on WEtv.


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