Kim Fields Hairstylist Dishes on ‘RHOA’ Hair

As we prepare for the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are reminded of the various hairstyles the ladies wore throughout the season: Phaedra’s ombre weaves; Kim’s blonde, tight curls; Porsha’s beachy waves; Kenya’s perfectly straight middle parts and Cynthia’s ever-changing looks. To get the low down on the star’s best looks of the season, and the scoop on what we can expect for the season finale, we touched base with Erica Strong, Kim’s top hairstylist. Take a look and let us know what trends you’re into this season. What makes Kim’s hairstyles so unique on the show?
Erica Strong: Kim’s hairstyles are unique to her carefree, energetic and artsy. Her style is true Bohemian. After coming out of her locks, she needed a look that would give her the same freedom that her locs provided. Curly natural hair is very unique for the show, most of the ladies generally wear beautifully blown straight hair, but Kim has always resolved at staying true to herself throughout the show and her curly styles did just that. Many of the ladies on the show wear wigs and weaves. Why do you think hair extensions are so popular?
Strong: Many of the ladies on the show have healthy natural hair that is gorgeous without the wigs and weaves. The hair extensions are so popular with them and most celebrities because it provides relief and protection to their natural hair as well as versatility and freedom to try different looks. Would you or do you encourage Kim to wear her natural hair? Why or why not?
Strong: Yes, Kim does wear her natural hair that shows well on or off the screen. Because she has great natural curls and a beautiful texture, I recommend protective styles during filming because it allows one to be more versatile. What are some hair trends your excited to see this Spring?
Strong: I’m excited to see bold, beautiful strong colors. Kim’s bold blonde gives her hair the statement of freedom without damage to her curls. Going bold like this would require a professional partner who is well verse on proper color formulation. Bleaching and toning is not the answer to amazing healthy color. You can have the best of both worlds, expressing a strong presence with color and keeping your beautiful natural curls. Which trends will you be trying on Kim?
Strong: Kim is the example of a woman finishing strong. She has solidified herself beyond the perception of a child star and established her place in the film industry in front and behind the camera. Much of who she is is expressed through her styles and looks that her collective glam squad creates. Her fashion stylist Victoria Schaffer designs will be creating an amazing merge of bohemian and classic to remain consistent with her passion and re-establish the powerful feminine style of classic Hollywood. Her makeup artist Jazzy Faces, will follow that theme and introduce a natural glow with soft lip color to compliment her hair which will be more blown straight styles. One popular trend that I will be trying on Kim is a blonde pixie cut, this a classic look that will work well with her busy life style as a mom, wife and industry professional. It is the desire of every woman to feel beautiful and empowered in their own skin, this happens for us through fashion. The old adage “when you look good, you feel good”, holds true. What hairstyle can we expect for the final finale episode from Kim?
Strong: Reality TV is high intensity and extreme glam. The day starts before sun rise and each cast member has her own glam squad secluded away in a private suite preparing her for a long day of shooting that would last far into the night. The inspiration for Kim was Hollywood glam, a modern Marylyn Monroe. Kim’s hairstyle was an effortless look with a classic statement. Her curls gave a different feel from the season with smooth texture and high glam. There was no need to change her look throughout the final finale.


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