Kenya Moore Is Fighting For Your Edges
Bravo TV

Kenya Moore and subtle entrance are like trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole—they just don’t go together. On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta she took dramatic entrances to a whole new level (even for her) when she crashed fellow cast mate Marlo Hampton’s HER wig line launch.

With a small marching band, and samples of her Moore Edges Hair Follicle Stimulator, she barreled in in a way that was even over the top for Kenya. But that didn’t to stop her, nor did the fact that it was an event for another woman’s beauty business. 

While other cast mates were shocked by her edgy entrance, and even agreed that the move was shady, she shrugged it off as a simple business appearance. 

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“I’m not coming to be shady. I’m a businesswoman,” she said to cast mate Kandi Burruss when she questioned her about showing up to the event. “And this is a great opportunity to market my product to women who are wearing wigs to cover up their natural hair. So I felt like there was a synergy.”

But surprisingly Marlo didn’t wig out. She even invited Kenya to join her and the other ladies in an activity for her new wigs. She also encouraged the use of the edge growth product for healthy edges. Things began to get a little too hairy after Kenya refused, and subsequently was asked to leave the party. 

We’ve never used the Kenya Moore hair care line and have yet to dabble in Marlo’s wigs, but we’re always here for Black women owning the beauty space. We wish both ladies well in their hair ventures and hope for nothing but success for their businesses. We respect their hustle and competitive edge. No pun intended.


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