Happy Birthday, Kelis! A Look Back At Her Most Iconic Hairstyles

No one does it better!
Siraad Dirshe Aug, 21, 2018

Kelis is hands-down a beauty icon.

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From bold colors and cuts to boundary-pushing makeup, we completely stan for the 2018 ESSENCE Street Style Festival honoree. Since hitting the scene with her iconic album Kaleidoscope in 1999, we knew from her infectious spirit and carefree attitude that she was destined to be a complete star.

Today, the mom, entrepreneur, and singer celebrates her 39th birthday. To honor her, we’re taking a look back at her most iconic hairstyles.

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While pastel colored hair is now commonplace, Kelis was one of the first to rock the trend. Here, she wears turquoise and looks absolutely terrific.

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There isn't a style or color that Kelis can't wear, and her blonde with lavender tresses are absolutely lovely.

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Kelis effortlessly wears a full mane of curls with this short-sided 'do. The honey color perfectly compliments her skin tone.

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Kelis hit daytime talk show, The View ,with reddish orangey-hued tresses that made us all want to become redheads.

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We live for drama, and Kelis knows how to deliver it when it comes to hair. The singer and chef went for super long, super dark locs and we have to admit, we're in love.

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No one, and we mean no one, could ever make us want a rat tail, but yet somehow Kelis has that affect on us. Her platinum pixie is perfectly coiffed and the rat tail brings the entire look together.

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With Kelis, we truly expect the unexpected. So when we see her rocking a protective style like Senegalese Twists, it can kind of catch us off guard. However, these twists perfectly frame her face.

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Kelis was probably one of the first celebrities to wear pastel pink hair, as shown here at the Sidekick 3 Dwyane Wade Edition Launch Party in 2007.

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"Growing up my mother would always tell us we were beautiful black girls that were growing into beautiful black women so there has never been a time in my life where I doubted or questioned that."

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Who else could flawlessly pull off peacock-inspired hair? One person: Kelis.

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This throwback picture of Kelis is from 2005 and she is the definition of wild and free.

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While not typical for Kelis, she still pulls off this sleek style flawlessly.

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This bowler cut on Kelis is absolute perfection.

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Talk about an effortless beauty. Even with a simple ponytail and natural curls, Kelis slays.

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Kelis makes a protective style fresh and funky with these intricate braids.


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