Keke Palmer’s Hairstyles On Strahan and Sara Will Be Must-See
Getty Images

When the news hit that Keke Palmer would officially join the ABC morning show Strahan and Sara as a full-time co-host, we couldn’t help but think about all the hair possibilities we have to look forward to. A hair shapeshifter, Palmer has proven time and time again that she can do no wrong when it comes to her tresses.

From fauxhawks, mohawks, braids, bobs, and short cuts, she can pretty much wear any style with, well, style. It doesn’t hurt that she has the gorgeous face to pull them off either.

We just know that we were watching before for the flavor she brings to the show, and we’re so excited to see her as a permanent fixture, making that flair something we can look forward to every day into perpetuity.

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As we congratulate the beauty on her role, we look back at just some of the moments she sprinkled her Black girl hair magic all over us, and we basked in it.