Johnny Wright Says This Hairstyle Is The Easiest Way To Switch Up Your Look
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Are you plotting a hair makeover for the upcoming fall season? Thankfully, our social timelines are a revolving door of ideas and if you’ve already decided to make a change, there are a few things to consider before deciding on a ‘do. 

Johnny Wright, affectionately known as the HOTUS ( Hairstylist of the United States), is known for his headline-making hairstyles for former First Lady Michelle Obama and as expected, has the expert scoop we need. 

For starters, simply “select an inspiration picture and really think about what you like about the cut in the picture. Explore what story this new haircut will tell about you.”

Developing your story and honing in on the energy you seek to elicit with your new cut can help articulate your vision when you go into a salon for a consultation with a stylist. That brings us to another important piece of advice: seek the advice and support from a professional hairstylist.

Wright tells ESSENCE, “By tapping into a the expertise of professional hairstylist, you can expect a thorough consultation that explores important factors in obtaining and maintaining your haircut.”  

Factors such as your texture, lifestyle and level of commitment for maintaining the look are just a few of the things to keep in mind. And since that can be a lot to keep track of, don’t hesitate to let a professional help you make the best decision.

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Wright recommends classic haircuts that won’t go in and out of season, such as bobs, pixies, long layers and bangs. 

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The latter will “give you an immediate change to your look without cutting off too much of your hair. The versatility of bangs affords you the opportunity to change it up quickly.”

It’s easy to maintain, and can be swept to the side or pulled into a ponytail. “Just be sure to keep up with the maintenance of your cut every 6-8 weeks.”

Upkeep of any style can sometimes be expensive, but Johnny shares that “it’s important to not to compromise your look to save a few dollars. Invest in yourself, invest in your brand and invest in your story because you are totally worth it!”

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