11 Times Vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye's Hair Game Left Us Inspired

Let’s just put it out there. Sometimes, hair can be a touchy subject; especially when contemplating a major change. As we near the end of 2016, don’t let your tresses become boring. With the help of vlogger, Raye Boyce, also known as ItsMyRayeRaye, we’re here to share some styles that might just be your perfect match. With over one milion followers on YouTube, we know her beauty choices are on point. From makeup to hair to lifestyle tips, Raye is a popular go-to for women seeking tips, tricks and inspiration. One thing we love about Raye is how she constantly switches up her look. She isn’t afraid to go there, if you know what I mean. From natural curls to wigs to Crayola colored hair, she’s done it all and done it well. Pull yourself out of a hair rut and get inspired by 11 of her coolest hairstyles. 

Andrea Jordan Oct, 21, 2016

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If you like to keep your hair long, try adding a subtle tint to your mane for a little pizzazz. This barely-there violet is edgy without making you the center of attention. 

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Some of the best hair transformations start with a new cut. Lobs are still a thing and super chic. Spice them up a bit by adding layers or a bang. 

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Sometimes we want waves and looser curls. I know we are all guilty of stretching out our curl pattern from time to time. When you have big, loose ringlets, a side swept style really showcases the texture. 

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Try a style that compliments the shape of your face. Though we are always pressing for longer length, shorter styles may compliment your face structure better. 

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We wore this look when we were kids, but it's back in style in a major way. And yes, even grown women can pull it off! 

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As much as we like her bold, did-you-just-go-there looks, this imperfect curly look is simple and pretty.  

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Say goodbye to little topknots. This bun is larger than life and makes a statement. If your hair isn’t quite long or full enough, don’t be afraid to add pieces for volume. 

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We’ve seen this look on stars from Beyonce to Justine Skye. Take your high ponytail to a new level by adding a chunky braid or twist. 

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If the tint is not quite bold enough for you, go full on color crazy! When you think you can rock purple locks with pure confidence, it’s definitely a hair move you should try. 

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Again, hair changes don’t have to be super bold. If you’re not sure where to start, try fluffing up your natural texture for some major va-va-volume. 

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We love that Raye isn’t afraid to play with color and lengths. This ashy-pink, ombre wig is super eye-catching.