Over the weekend, both Kash Doll and Queen Naija debuted a new hairdo on Instagram. The Ice Me Out rapper opted for long waist-length extensions, while the Medicine singer went for a chin length bob. Although the styles were different, there was one thing they both had in common. Both celebrities dyed their tresses green, and the hair color is surprisingly everything.

Summer is always the best time to experiment with color, and Kash Doll’s money green dye job, and Queen Naija’s mint green bob, has us itching to get to our colorist.

Our Instagram feed is pretty tempting too. We’ve noticed quite a few beauties rocking the vibrant hue.


We don’t know whether or not green will be it color of the season, but we’re definitely here for an opportunity to turn heads.

To see all the green hairstyles that made us stop and stare, check out the gallery below.

Photo: Instagram/@hairspells_love
Photo: Instagram/@thugii.24
Photo: Instagram/@panadonia

Photo: Instagram/@nicolenoirehair
Photo: Instagram/@kr.azyy
Photo: Instagram/@pinkishgirlhair
Photo: Instagram/@brisobad27


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