Get Your Baby’s Edges Laid Like These Celebrity Infants

We want our daughters to be miniature versions of ourselves a lot of the time. We put them in clothes like ours, we wrap their heads in cute, tiny headwraps, and now we’re even doing their hair like ours.

Celebrities like Porsha Williams, Remy Ma and Cardi B take styling their little girls’ edges with the seriousness that they take putting their own beat together. And we love it; Kulture, Reminisce and PJ always look adorable. Their edge game is putting a lot of us to shame. And rightfully so, as their entire head is made up of the super soft strands at the base of our hairlines and nape of our necks.

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I got my hair did!!!!!😋 #TheGoldenChild #KenzieGirl #Mac

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But babies’ hair can be delicate, and as it’s still growing and strengthening needs the freedom to just be. So we asked hairstylist and expert Nigella Miller, who is always the empress at creative edge styling, for some tips on how the rest of us can get our baby girls’ edges as fly as their famous counterparts without damaging their hairlines.

Tip 1: Choose the right product for the sensitivity of a baby’s hair and skin.

“You have to be very selective with products. Certain products may contain too much alcohol and can be harsh on the skin,” she tells ESSENCE. “Keep in mind a baby’s skin is very sensitive. I think people forget the scalp on your head is skin as well so it’s highly recommended to double check if any products are allowed for the baby’s age. Even natural products sometimes appear to be very strong. And keep in mind that babies sweat, so make sure the product won’t revert to a white residue. But make sure all products are age appropriate and PH appropriate for infant and babies skin type.”

Tip 2: Choose the right tools for baby’s delicate scalp.

“No hard bristles or brushes. Extremely soft brushes are allowed for infants and babes until they reach a toddler’s age, even though I would still recommend being careful. You’re still going to have to keep in mind that it’s a baby’s hair and head. I would just recommend using a hair brush made for babies. It will get the job done.”

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Tip 3: Technique is important.

“I think the technique is to be very gentle without using too much product when adding any designs in your baby’s edges. I think it’s best on clean hair using a natural oil or baby oil to hydrate the hair, then an all-natural edge and style product to lay the hair down. I think it’s the cutest seeing baby’s edges laid lightly.”


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