How To Rock These Throwback Styles With An Updated Twist
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

We’re constantly digging in the crates for trends, especially when it comes to hair. What once was old becomes new again. But you have to give it an updated spin to avoid looking like a caricature of your beauty icon. This summer, give one of these throwback styles a modern take with a few minor adjustments.

Missy Elliot’s finger waves: Loosen up the wave a bit to make it fresher, or try just a slight finger wave on one side of the head a la Zendaya.

Vanity’s amplified ’80s hair: The high voltage hair of the ’80s has been back for a while, but we’ve seen it get very Toddlers N’ Tiaras. To keep it grown and sexy, give your volume some texture with natural curls the way Solange rocks it.

Little Richard’s Pompadour: Gabrielle Union freshened up the 1950s hair craze by turning it into a geometrical wonderland of seemingly never-ending twists and turns.

Salt N’ Pepa’s Asymmetrical Cut: Buzz one side of the head all the way off and keep the other longer like Zoe Kravitz, or you can avoid cutting altogether and bend the hair to your will the way Lupita Nyong’o did (we’re still gagged by this by the way).

T-Boz’s Mushroom Cut: Skip the extra long side pieces (the 90’s were big on extra pieces of hair hanging) and bring the cut down a bit to frame your face, like Fantasia.

The Lady of Rage’s Afro Puffs: Rock on with your bad self in this style by varying the texture of your puffs, and adding unique accessories. Take notes, Janelle Monae’s got this down.

Mel B’s Spice Girl Style: This hairstyle came back a few years ago with a vengeance. For an update, try one side-swept bun and add some braids or twists. It worked for Issa Rae.

Grace Jones’ Flat Top/High Top: You can actually rock this badass style the way boss lady Grace Jones does because it’s iconic and timeless. An alternative, emulate Lupita’s take on the style by adding levels to it.


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