How To Get These Summer Haircuts Right For Your Face Shape
Dave Bennett/Getty Images

When it comes to styling your hair, the motto should always be do what makes you feel good. A fauxhawk might be your favorite mode of self expression, and we dig that.

According to cosmetology experts, every hair style can be adjusted and manipulated to fit any face shape. But, they do take that shape into consideration when you request a style, and sometimes shift you into something different based on their expertise.

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“When it comes to the perfect haircut you must first consider the client’s face shape. The worst thing you could ever do as a professional stylist besides a bad color service is a bad cut,” said Christina Grant, Salon Manager and Educator at Natural Sisters Salon, and The Weave Lounge, in New York. “Make it easy for them because most clients can’t, won’t, and don’t do the maintenance at home.”

Whether your face is long, oval, square, diamond, heart-shaped or round, there’s a cut that looks killer on you. So this summer, try a cute new cut to keep the hair, and heat, off the back of your neck. The 18-year vet gave us some tips on how to get the fit right.


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